Shaddup Already!


Here I Am

Okay, so I decided if I happened to stop in on Diaryland on the 60th day since my last post, I would post again. Guess what?

For reasons I don't yet know myself, I have secluded myself in a little cocoon of anti-e-social energy. In short, I just haven't wanted to keep up with D-land.

Hiss, I do really appreciate the note checking in on me. I did have the best intentions of getting back to you, but I didn't and I don't have an excuse. So thank you and I'm sorry.

I was going to make an epic entry and I find all the topics I wanted to post about without segways, so I shall save them for later--perhaps tonight.

One really big thing did happen--my service dog graduated!

As much as I hate how I look, I really love this picture. It was an accidental shot, but it's the perfect goodbye picture. I'm so proud of my girl--who has found her perfect partner.

The graduation was bittersweet, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I so want to raise another pup too, but that will have to wait for me to come into some money*

*Puppy-raisers are responsible for all the bills incurred by their pups while in their care. In addition, they are required to have health screenings that a pet dog probably wouldn't have.

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