Shaddup Already!


Things I wish I could say. . .

. . .and still have a job.

You can't possibly be that stoopid.

I wanna be there when you talk to the arresting officer in that tone.

You are a great argument for birth control.

That's the reason no one likes you.

I'm surprised you were able to find your way out of your mother's uterus.

That last one sparked a conversation amongst my coworkers. It just came tumbling out of my mouth and one of them replied, "They probably didn't, they were probably born by C-section."

Now this isn't to imply that babies born by C-section inherently lack the common sense to pull their hand away from a flame. It was just a way to continue on with the joke that enables us to de-stress.

Disclaimer over--we continued on to list the students we thought might have been born via C-section because they couldn't find their way to the birth canal.

Seriously, my kids are pretty good and I do enjoy them. But as the year progresses, they get more and more dense, air-headed, idiotic. It's laughable, really.

What isn't laughable is the attitudes. I cannot believe the way some kids feel that they can speak to adults. I might have talked back to my parents, but I would NEVER talk that way to any adult outside of the family. And that's simply because when I did talk that way to the adults in my family, I was hit with a whirlwind of punishments and it was made VERY clear that this behavior was unacceptable.

It is an attitude that I simply cannot understand. I would never verbally abuse people the way kids get away with abusing adults in society. It's not that we allow it in school, but we can only do so much. We are severely limited in our ability to correct and discipline.

The entire time little Johnny is being nasty and verbally abusive, I have to consider dealing with him without damaging his fragile ego, maintaining the respect of 25 other kids and somehow continuing to teach everyone--including little Johnny who is a verifiable jackass.

All joking aside about what I would like to say to kids, if I could say the following, I might actually impact one of these thugs:

If you continue to act this way you are going to end up in prison or dead before you're 21.

Unfortunately that statement is true for a good number of these kids who can't muster enough respect for themselves or others.

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