Shaddup Already!


Gratuitous Photos

I realized that my last entry was a bunch of quizzes that have been there for two weeks. So I thought I would share some pictures I took with my brand, new camera.

The one I really couldn't afford.

But the one that summer school will pay off.

Thank goodness they asked me to teach summer school.

Anyway, the pictures are coming in alphabetical order according to the name I gave them. It's just easier that way.

I got this teeny-tiny orange tree and my dad, my hero, put a cage like thing around it so the dog couldn't destroy it. Anyway, the pup, Atticus, fancied himself a fierce hunter the other day and captured himself a snake.

Of course I laughed at him and told him it was a black racer and completely harmless. He just wagged his tail and went inside (after a touch of bribery on my part). Then I had to lift one side of the fencing to let the snake out. He kept trying to sneak through the holes in the wire and he would get stuck halfway through. I'm not really sure how he got in there in the first place.

I've gotten on an edible plant kick and I also purchased a miniature blueberry bush. One of the few kinds of blueberries that grow this far south. It has really pretty pink blooms on it now.

Hopefully when the blossoms fall off, there will be fruit--or however that works because it ain't working on my lemon tree.

Then I was messing around with the settings on my new camera and came up with this shot that I liked

Okay, sometimes I look at my pup and am saddened by how quickly he is growing up. He's turned into such a regal, handsome dog.

Then he does something completely goofy

and I know he will always be my puppy.

I love navel oranges, but I don't like the belly button part. So I cut it off. A few weeks ago, with my old camera, I got a shot of what I thought was a pretty cool looking orange

Here's a picture of Florida's unofficial state bird

Unfortunately, this mosquito did not live very long after this photo was taken. The coroner's official cause of death was said to be smooshage.

Finally, Booger Boy uses his evil yawn to remind me that not everyone enjoys looking at my pictures and I should just stop.

Point taken, Booger Boy.

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