Shaddup Already!



My dad is still in the hospital, but he's doing better. I worry about when he goes home, as my mom smokes like a chimney and sees absolutely no problem with it.

The entire house reeks of cigarette smoke, that my mom can't smell because she's in it night and day and her sense of smell has been damaged by the 46 years of constant smoking. However, the moment you walk into the house, the smoke covers you like an oily, oozing grime. I usually have to come right home and shower. And anything taken from the house will smell of smoke much longer than any of us will be alive, I suspect.

The parents have commented a few times that when they go, my sister and I get the house. I'm not sure I want the house, as the smell will never leave.

At any rate, I'm hoping to not be faced with that dilemma anytime soon.

Mom has started backing off of me about the visiting my dad thing. She's seen that I do care, so she has let up on the guilt trips when I don't go in.

My blood pressure was really high when I went to the doctor on Wednesday. No surprise there. My CNP kept harping on it and I continued to mention my lovely pressure reading when I went to Centra Care a week ago.

My puppy dog is having some issues :o(

I feel really badly for him. I am 99.999999999% sure he has some major allergies. He has had a continuous skin infection of some sort for months now. It started with the ears, moved to another kind of infection on his belly, back to his ears and now on his belly again.

He's going to the doctor tomorrow, so maybe I can get him on some good antihistamines, since the Benadryl isn't really working that well for him.

It's just like me to pick the allergic dog.

And now a public service announcement brought to you by that civic minded cat, Boo Radley:

When the going gets tough, the tough go to sleep.

Help end world hunger