Shaddup Already!


If this is what 33 looks like. . .

. . .I'm not sure I want to live to 120 after all.

I have to have a root canal on my sore tooth. I can't have it done for another week and the dentist couldn't figure out an antibiotic I can take (I am very sensitive to many, many drugs). I finally located the name of the last antibiotic I took, so hopefully it is one that can be used for infected teeth. It would make me feel better about having to wait to have the root canal done if I'm on antibiotics.

My dentist did give me darvocet. However, he also took the blunt end of a metal dental mirror and tapped on my teeth. I practically begged him not to, but he did. So I figure he owes me the darvocet.

It's a good thing I have the darvocet because my hand is getting worse. I have an appointment for that in a few weeks. I'm not sure I'll be able to wait that long, but I can't miss any more school. I just can't. It looks like I'll have to miss for the root canal, but maybe if I get on antibiotics, then I'll be able to put that appointment off until spring break too.

State testing starts in a week

It's call the FCAT (FL comprehensive assessment test). One of the guidance counselors has a kitty sculpture with a sign that says "Spay the FCAT." I want one.

Speaking of guidance counselors, I guess I'm a full-fledged professional adult now. I was the one the admin came to about one of the teachers on my team. Granted I am the team leader, but I still don't feel like a grown-up. Tomorrow I will have to talk with this teacher about her classroom management without it sounding like people are talking about her behind her back. Something very similar happened to me during my first year teaching and it destroyed my confidence. I'm just beginning to get some of that back.

Fortunately for this teacher, she doesn't have malicious spirits on her team. We all want her to succeed. That's a huge difference from my first year where my team mates wanted to see me fail in no uncertain terms.

So I suppose I'll go in under the guise of being team leader and ask her how things are going. Then I'll give her some tips based on things I've seen and hopefully all will be well.

************Quiz Time**************

I see something in the following picture of my hydrangea bush and I want to know if anyone else sees it as well. You know, kind of like playing the cloud pictures game. So tell me what you see in this:

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