Shaddup Already!


A lunch date

My older nephew is apparently having a very difficult time with the idea that Cami is leaving. After the party, my sister said he was in tears and inconsolable. So I asked her if she thought it would help for Cami and I to take him to McDonald's tomorrow. That's what we're doing.

I know this is a really valuable experience for the boys, even though they may not understand it completely. Cami and I got/made them some gifts that they can keep in their rooms to remind them of this wonderful dog.

We got prints of this:

and put them in frames.

Then Cami and I did some pawprints (okay, Cami did the pawprints, I did the running around with paint and a paper towel). I wrote some notes on each one of the papers and put those in frames too.

So tomorrow I will go by around 11:00, give out the gifts and Jarrod, Cami and I will head out to McDonalds. This is likely the last time that the boys will see Cami, so I expect it to be bittersweet.

There is nothing that seems more natural or more right than a little boy (or two) with a golden retriever.

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