Shaddup Already!


It's beginning to seem more real

I just sent the email requesting that they come pick Cami up at my house. I do not want to drive all the way down there.

I added an angry little aside about my other emails being ignored and then I pasted the text from those emails at the bottom of this one.

I really want to be done with this group. There are a bunch of new puppy raisers coming in and I just want to scream about how hard of a time I've had. And yet, I know I came in during a transition time. I have seen vast improvements in the group since I started there, but it is too little too late for me.

I mean, don't tell me to keep a dog for 6 months, have it turn into a year and a half and then ignore emails from me. Valid emails with valid questions.

I'm angry and I'm crying tonight.

I love Cami so much and she is going to make an outstanding service dog--I know that. She has already made me so proud of her.

I do not regret the time I've spent doing this and the pain I'm going through now. Cami and I needed each other and now we both need to go on with our lives and destinies.

I hope that Cami understands the importance of me letting her go and that she doesn't feel abandoned. If there was only some way I could be sure. I tell her all the time that she will have a very important job. I will always love her and have a special place in my heart for her and I have to trust that she knows that.

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