Shaddup Already!


How do you say goodbye?

So exactly how do you say goodbye to a loving spirit who has become so important in your life?

You throw a party.

Cami had her going away party today. It was all about her. It was at my parents' pool where she got to swim until she couldn't swim anymore. Then she got a bite of hotdog, hamburger and some cake. My family wrote notes for her (and her future partner) in her going away card:

I thought the card was appropriate because I've told Cami that she came to me to grow her wings and now she needs to learn to use them.

Speaking of the card, if anyone would like me to include a message from you in Cami's card, just leave me a note and I'll put it in there. I'm leaving the notes open to anyone who has been impacted in anyway by her--even through reading about her.

Okay, now for some pictures:

That's me, my nephews and Cami with her cake.

When I uploaded the pictures from the party, I saw this one and it just made me laugh:

I love how the little one's tongue is stuck out and the older one is staring at the cake. Seriously, they were thinking, "Can we get done with these ridiculous pictures and eat the darn cake?!"

Here's Cami doing one of her specialized commands--getting her leash. I call the picture "Got Leash?"

These are my parents' dogs, Lacey and Rebos. They weren't invited to the party because they break through the fence around the pool. So they are looking in through the front window dejectedly. The wire that you see is electric fencing because they have broken through the window a couple of times during exuberant play. And just an FYI, they are indoor dogs, they just happened to be playing outside at the time:

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