Shaddup Already!


Death and bird flu

I went back to work today and overall it went well. I was kind of overwhelmed and exhausted from the start, but the kids tried to behave as much as possible for 6th graders.

I spoke to a fellow teacher on Wednesday evening and she informed me that students were concerned (hopeful) that I was dead.

So I felt the need to reassure the gossip-monger that I was indeed alive:

Me: C, I'm alive.

C: Alright.

Of course one of my team teachers offered numerous comebacks that C could have used if he had been thinking quickly on his feet. Alas, he missed his opportunity.

Then, as the kids were coming in for 7th period, a sweet, soft-spoken girl came up to me:

B: Ms. B, what was wrong? Why were you out?

Me: I was dead, didn't you hear? (okay, I didn't really say that, but I thought it)

I had a really bad stomach flu.

B: the stomach flu?

Me: Yes

B: Oh, I heard you had the bird flu.

Me: No, I don't think so.

B: good.

starts to walk away, turns back

What is the bird flu?

Me: I'm not completely sure, but it hasn't hit America yet.

B: Oh, okay.

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