Shaddup Already!


Majorly waylaid

Okay, so here it is, Wednesday and I have yet to go to work this week. I wasn't feeling any better Monday evening, so I called in for Tuesday. then I started getting a really bad pain and I went back to the emergency room.

The ER was packed tight with all manner of people. Mostly people who insisted on eating stuff. I didn't need to smell food to become nauseous, I just needed to think about someone eating something.

I ended up waiting two hours when the pain subsided, so I went home. It was probably going to be another 2 hours before I was seen by a doctor. All I wanted to do was sleep.

So I went to my own doctor yesterday and was pronounced healthy with a gurgling gut. Whoo-hoo!

Now I must combat the exhaustion. I am so tired, I cannot even describe it. So I took today off from work.

We have tomorrow off from school for Yom Kippur, so I get an extra day to rest up. I did manage to drive to the grocery store today, much to the delight of the cats who were wasting away to practically nothing because they had been without food for a whole five minutes. Actually, there was food in the bottom of their bowls still, but I really can't expect them to eat kitty crumbs.

Now I've just got to eat, sleep and vegetate so that I can be ready for work again on Friday.

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