Shaddup Already!


prepared to rest some more

I have spoken to a teacher on my team, sent her directions for my sub, called the sub caller (twice--I'm a little obsessive) and have retucked the comforter into my couch.

I am fully prepared to take one more day off from school. And I'm hoping nothing goes terribly wrong at school tomorrow. Seriously, I don't like calling in unless I have laid out plans for my sub ahead of time. I have emergency plans and my teacher friend is taking care of some things for me, but it's not the same as it would be if I had been in my classroom preparing it for someone else to take the helm.

I am feeling better this evening--finally. I have eaten and feel more human. I have also gotten rid of the nasty side effects of not taking my regular medication, by taking my regular medication. So I'm hopeful that I'll just need one more day to recuperate.

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