Shaddup Already!


File under TMI

Warning--this entry might contain a little too much information for the average viewer.


Okay,I mentioned before that I was sick. I had itchy ear canals and throat, a stuffy head and major coughing. That subsided and then the sneezing started on Thursday. By Friday evening, I was feeling better and even thought (naive though it was) that I might get some stuff done over the weekend before I got back to school from fall break.

I was exhausted by about 10:00pm on Friday and settled in to get some sleep. Then the pain started. A horrible pain all down the left side of my abdomen.

Typically when I have a head cold, it ends with stomach issues. I've always been that way. So I took some Imodium and tried to get some sleep. That lasted all of 15 seconds.

I spent the next 8 hours trying to escape from the toilet to no avail. I ended up reading two novels through the course of the evening. At about 3:00, the vomiting started. Frankly, I was relieved. I thought for sure that this would end the pain. It didn't.

The pain was so bad I just wanted to crawl out of my body to get some relief. I couldn't sit, lie down or stand up comfortably. The most comfortable position was walking, so I did that for a few hours.

When the pain wasn't subsiding, I called my mom. So I ended up at the hospital around 5:00 Saturday morning. Much to my relief, they got me in, took labs and gave me pain medication. They also hooked me up to an IV and gave me drugs for nausea and diarrhea.

The first pain medication just took the edge off the pain, for which I was grateful. It also made me feel really heavy and extremely blissful.

After a couple of hours, the pain in my tummy was getting worse. They came in and gave me some really good pain medication and I slept.

The labs came back and they decided that I probably have gastroenteritis, nothing serious. They sent me home with pain, nausea and cramping meds. I was also ordered to stay in bed for 24 hours.

I just broke the bedrest order to get a shower, but I'm ready to head back to bed now. My hair was so greasy I thought it was going to slide right off my scalp. I just couldn't relax with that going on.

Now my gassy pain is coming back and I'm about to take another pain pill and climb back onto the couch.

I'm tired and quite afraid that I might sleep straight through Sunday and Monday. I have to go back to school on Monday, so sleeping through it would be a bad thing.

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