Shaddup Already!


Imagine that

Imagine you're sitting in your 6th grade language arts class with a pretty cool, but strict teacher. She is emphasizing the point of being organized and getting work in on time because your huge book project is due tomorrow. In walks the 6th grade administrator.

Pleasantries are exchanged between teacher and admin, then admin requests lesson plans. It seems that your "with-it" teacher hasn't turned in any lesson plans all year.

Your teacher's face falls as she says she might have those lesson plans in her bag. She knows she has them on her computer at home, can she turn them in tomorrow.

Admin states very firmly that these lesson plans are already overdue and must be turned in now. Your teacher goes to her desk, pulls out her bag and starts looking. The bag is clearly disorganized, containing things such as an empty Pringle's can, a stuffed dinosaur, and many wads of crumpled up paper.

Admin starts asking tough questions: How do you know what to teach? How can you educate kids without plans? What would happen if you needed a sub?

Your teacher begins to get shakier. She is clearly upset and cannot produce lesson plans. Admin states that she will have to go to the principal and your teacher's job is in jeopardy.

Your teacher freaks out; "I can't lose my job! I can get the plans tomorrow! Please don't go to the principal!"

Admin says she must go the principal and your teacher can't talk her out of it. Your teacher is now practically in tears. She says that she can't handle this and she's leaving. Admin tells your teacher exactly how unprofessional she is being and she is risking her job further by walking out. Your teacher walks out anyway.

What would you do?

Well, I'll tell you--some kids laughed, some cried, but most were visibly upset.

It was probably the best lesson I've ever taught about being prepared and responsible. These kids won't soon forget the day their teacher got fired in front of them.

My administrator is such a good sport and came in every period to do this. When she couldn't come in, she arranged for someone else to come in. And the kids were shocked.

And if you still haven't figured it out, then you too got punk'd! :o)

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