Shaddup Already!


Tonight. . .

. . .I lit a candle in memory of a wonderful friend.

Destiny was a beautiful, white Siberian husky with a blue eye and a brown eye. She was meant to be mine.

She was with me for my entire adult life--from 18-31. She was there with quiet strength and standoffish affection. She knew when I needed her and she knew when to play the princess.

There will never be another dog like her and I will always miss her. True to past experience and the kind words offered to me when she passed away, the pain has faded. However, it is still there.

Atticus and Cami have helped to cover most of the Destiny-shaped hole in my heart, but I will never be truly complete without her.

Such is the way of life. She had to leave me in order for Cami and Atticus to have entered my life. And without them, my life wouldn't be complete.

It's the beautiful, complex and sometimes painful circle of life.

Happy birthday, Princess. I love you bunches still.


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