Shaddup Already!


Open House Bruhaha

Okay, I tried the private entry thing and couldn't get it to work. It was just a silly commentary on some of my students' names this year. I didn't want to put their names out there for the world, though.

School is plugging along. We're finishing up with week 2 of school. I have most of my students' names memorized. I like most of my kids. And I'm enjoying having parents that care and know how to support their child's education. It's refreshing and I can see the glaring difference in students from my pre-IB classes and my regular classes.

We had open house on Tuesday. What a day that was. I got up and put on a shirt that isn't fancy, but stays unwrinkled and is comfortable. I planned to stay at school from 4:00 (dismissal time) until the open house was over. I live about 20 minutes away from school and I would just be worn out if I drove all the way home and then back again. Not to mention that I probably would collapse on the couch and not go back.

So I'm teaching away and during 7th period, one of my quietest students peeped up, "Ms. B. You have something on your shirt."

I said thank you, and was about to say I knew because I thought she was talking about two small pen marks on my shirt. I looked down and there was a huge black sharpie stain right in the middle of my shirt.

It turns out that I was playing with my clicking Sharpie

too close to my shirt.


So now I had to go to open house with a big black stain on my shirt.

Then I got a paper cut.

Then, when I spoke to the parents, I forgot half of the things I was supposed to say.

Let me tell you, I'm glad it's over.

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