Shaddup Already!


Super Gold Membership

I'm po' right now and my membership is running out. It may have already run out, I'm not sure. Anyway, if anyone wants to gift me with a couple of months, I would be eternally grateful. Otherwise, it shall have to wait until my next paycheck or the one after that. My next one is this Friday, but it's a very, very small check. So I'll have to see what I actually get.

Today was the first official day of pre-plan. Monday and Tuesday were optional days--I went for a half day on Tuesday and that's it.

It was really nice to visit with people again. It reminds me why I like my school so much. I have been on a lot of campuses, but this is one that has a really well developed sense of community. So even though we will have 2150 students this year (the average student count for middle school around here is 1500--we are the size of a high school), I can see that we are still trying to maintain that sense of community and ownership. It's nice.

I like my team members. I'm going to have to give them nicknames so I can refer to them here. I'm really gonna have to think on that. I'll watch them and make them nervous tomorrow as I come up with characteristics that I can call them by.

I have decided I'm going to include debate this year. I'm passionate about arguing ideas and I think these kids need to learn how to state their case appropriately. I have been thinking about including debate, but there never seemed to be enough time in the day. Well, I'm going to make the time. So there.

It may take us all year, but we will have at least one really good debate before the year is over. Mark my word! Or don't. Your choice :o)

I have been tagged to write the next part of the story at tag-writer. It's not unexpected as it everyone else had written a second time but me. Still, I'm feeling a little unprepared. Oy, what to write that builds on the wonderful stuff my cohorts have come up with, but doesn't drag it down. It's exciting, but nerve-wracking. If you haven't been reading it, go there now! Click on the link that says to "start at the beginning" and go through the story in order. Really, you need to do that. Honestly.

I've got to get some sleep because I meet my students and their parents tomorrow. I love the newness of each school year. It keeps the job fresh and fun. I can't wait to see what these people are like.

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