Shaddup Already!


what have I done!?!

Okay, I'm not overly attached to my hair. And it grows really quickly, probably close to 10 inches in one year. So I tend to grow it really long and cut it all off and send it to charity.

There is an organization called Locks of Love which makes wigs out of donated hair for kids who have lost their hair due to a medical reason. It's a good group with a good mission.

I found out that Fantastic Sam's is affiliated with Locks of Love, so I went there to get my hair cut.

Oy, what a mistake. I hate my new hair. Hopefully it will grow out enough between now and the start of school in one week that I can do something with it.

Basically I was ignored by the hairstylist. I suspect she got her license from a drive through cosmetology school. All she did was bitch about her brother stealing her car. Once she had cut off most of my hair she mentioned that the irate customer that had come in before me was hers from yesterday. Gee, thanks for letting me know you're going to give me to someone who screws up hair frequently. Yeah, that's swell.

Let me put all this in perspective for you. I can't remember the last time I complained about a haircut, seriously, it's just something that I'm really laid back about. So that this haircut is bad enough for me to complain means it's really bad.

Alrighty then, I'll share some pictures. Please keep in mind when you're viewing these pictures that I have really low self-image. I truly believe I am one of the ugliest people to walk the earth. So please don't point and draw attention to my obvious flaws. I'm trusting all of you, now.

This is the picture I took in. I didn't expect to come out of the salon (and I use that term loosely) looking just like this woman, but I did want my hair to somewhat resemble hers.

This is me with evil haircut the sideview. I took it myself, which is why it's so weird. I decided to smile and increase my face value and all that other bullshit.

And this is me looking like a deranged, psychopathic, lesbian killer. Seriously, Eileen Wuornos comes to mind. I think the problem I have with this haircut is that I'm not the most feminine looking person in the world and this haircut did nothing to help the cause. I would like to be attracting men, not women.

At least my eyes are still cool.

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