Shaddup Already!


Boys will be boys

First, I figured out the secret to getting lots of comments--rice. Who'da thunk it! Seriously, not only is rice a staple diet of the majority of people in the world, it's also a great way to get the attention I so desperately crave.

Okay, I'm not so desperate.

But I do love getting comments.

My rice turned out well. It was a little watery, but I'll just adjust the amount of water next time. So I suppose I'll be using my steamer/rice cooker when I want rice from now on. Which will be often.

I found a recipe that you can make a pizza crust out of brown rice. I'm dying to try that out, but not enough to go make more rice right now.

In response to Muffin, I wish I could walk. I used to walk more than 3 miles a day. I never felt so good, except when I was bike riding 10 miles a day. Unfortunately, I can't walk for any great distance since I had my foot surgeries.

I took my bike out of storage and the tires were in pretty sorry shape. So I asked my dad to look at it. He said the tube needed replacing on the back tire. I asked if the front tire was okay, he said it was.

I waited and waited, he bought the tube, so I didn't feel comfortable harrassing him about it. I waited a few weeks and he finally delivered it to me, new back tube and inflated tire, yesterday. I went to take it out for a spin last night and the front tire was flat. I haven't pumped it up yet because it was hot and thundering when I went out for my quick "I-hope-I-don't-ruin-the-adage-about-always-knowing-how-to-ride-a-bike" spin around my cul-de-sac.

I got a nifty leash that is specially made for a bike (it reduces the pull from the dog) and I intend to take Cami with my on my rides. Atticus isn't allowed to do any hard running until he is 6th months old and his growth plates are fully developed. Cami should have gone on to advanced training by then.

I've also been swimming quite a bit this summer. I'd like to keep it up when the school year starts, but that would require me getting up and active at 5:00 in the morning. I'm gonna do my best to swim Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a fun swim on Saturday with the dogs.

Speaking of the dogs, I took them out in the yard this afternoon and grabbed my camera. The only problem is that when they get cute, they don't stay that way long enough for me to get a picture. However, that will not dissuade me from inflicting the misery of looking at someone else's pictures upon my readers.

Just so you know, my puppy is now in prison. Just moments after this shot was taken, he picked up a tin dog bowl and started banging it along the bars:

Then I got a couple of nice head shots of the baby:

What I didn't notice while I was taking the pictures is that, how shall I say this, Atticus is becoming a man. And like all boys in their transition to manhood, he has a few uncontrollable erections. That's right, these were headshots in more ways than one. Maybe no one would notice it, but I couldn't just sit by and not say anything, could I? Nope, not me.

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