Shaddup Already!


tag-team writing

Well, I got three takers and our little writing experiment is well under way. You can find the first installment of the story here The diary name is tag-writer, so be sure to add it to your favorites' list.

Just FYI, I pulled a sentence out of a magazine and that is what the story started on. Someone (Jo) volunteered to go first. Then we each write an entry, making it as long or as short as we choose, and then tag someone to write after us. The only rules are that you have to respect and build on what others have written. In other words you can't break down their story elements, but you are free to add to them.

I'm very excited about it. I wrote the second entry and I just read the third entry. It's great because I see my story in there, but it's not my story. For those who write, you may have gotten a feeling that the story you are writing has a life of it's own. That is particularly true of this adventure.

We can't plan what others are going to say, so even though we are actively involved in writing it, we can't really plan ahead too far.

Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens next. Go read it, so you'll be excited too!

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