Shaddup Already!


Blessed With Totally Indiscriminate Pup

I feel very lucky that my boy seems willing to eat anything and to do it happily.

He was vomiting the day after I got him, so the vet gave him some liquid Tagamet. She warned me that it wasn't the best tasting stuff, so I would probably have to force it down him.

True to form, I tasted the medicine and it wasn't horrible, but it did have a decidedly medicinal taste to it.

I pulled it up in a needleless syringe and held it out to my pup, who happily lapped it out of the syringe. Medicinal? Bah!

Then we had the situation with Cami and he was put on liquid Cefalexin. I tasted this particular medicine while I worked at the vet clinic and it isn't a really nice tasting substance. Did my puppy mind? Oh no! He loved it! I ended up just putting it on his food twice a day. He thought it was a treat.

Finally, he got his second dosage of the dewormer, Strongid. It has a banana-y flavor, but I have never met an animal that liked it. Keep in mind that I was a vet tech for over a year and Strongid is something that is given out regularly.

I knew the dosing was coming up today, so I was kind of dreading it. Strongid is a thick, yellow, creamy, liquid that has a tendency to go everywhere except in the animal's mouth. But after the other to medicine surprises, I decided to see what Atticus thought of this before I forced it down his throat. He loved it!

That made my life a hell of a lot easier.

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