Shaddup Already!


The Steven King Kid Makes Friends

For starters, Atticus is doing fine. He's going for his first swim tomorrow. Well, it's more like a hang-out-in-mom's-arms-while-she-walks-around-in-the-water-so-he-can-get-used-to-it-but-I-know-he-isn't-coordinated-enough-to-swim-on-his-own.


A while ago I talked about the population explosion in my neighborhood. Especially where children are concerned.

Well, shortly after that entry, I encountered the boy I have nicknamed "The Steven King Kid." This child is so creepy, that not even the master of horror could come up with a scarier character. Truly. And he lives in my neighborhood.

The first time I saw him, he was sitting in the middle of the road--with hair so blond it's almost white. There were kids playing at either end of the road, but he was alone, just sitting in the middle of the road.

And staring.

I thought I would stare him down because I am the grown up here. I should be able to get the last look in, right? Then I could shout, "BEAT YOU!! I WON!! YOU'RE A LOSER!!" in a very mature fashion. But then I noticed the eyes.

The unblinking, unforgiving eyes

I shuddered, but refused to give up so easily.

This child was not going to stare me down like that.

Argh! I couldn't bear the intense cold coming from this face.

I admit it, I was freaked out, so I looked away.

I saw him again about a week later. This time he was in the middle of the road on his scooter. Just standing there and staring.

This time I knew I wouldn't back down. I had the car on my side. He was closer to me this time. One of us would have to move a fair distance to the side of the road in order for me to get home. And it wasn't going to be me.

I stared back.

Equally unblinking and with a veil of false courage that belied the intimidation this mere child could cause.

He stared back, oh, what was that? Did I see a twinge in those eyes? Did they shudder ever so slightly? Was I really going to win?

I stared as my car rolled gently toward the creey little kid

He looked away.

I WON!!!!

I drove to my house and skipped to my front door because I had stared down a child!! Whoo-hooo!!!!

Then another thought occured to me--he knows where I live.

That was a scary thought by itself. But now it seems as though the Steven King Kid has actually made some friends. He now stares from a group of boys who refuse to move from the middle of the road. They know that my car is just a year old and they know their insidious scooters, helmets and bikes will scratch up nearly new finish. They are a menace, but I dare not complain because I don't want to incur the wrath of the Steven King Kid.

So for now, I simply stare back. I get as close as an inch away from these children before I stop. I end up winning in the end. I think this is because they see a touch of instability. They can't know I'm a teacher because they go to another school, but they must recognize the look of a teacher who is out on summer break and really doesn't want to see another child until August.

I think it's in my eyes

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