Shaddup Already!


One stitch wonder

Apparently, Cami was really upset with Atticus trying to get a treat. She has been overwhelmingly gentle and accepting, but today she did a little disciplining doggie style.

Wild dogs and wolves (and domestic dogs, if given the chance) discipline younger dogs with a muzzle correction. They grab the pup's muzzle in their mouths and it has an instant effect on little puppy.

Unfortunately, puppies have somewhat delicate skin.

Anyway, Cami decided that Atticus was in serious need of some disciplining and she snapped at his muzzle. He couldn't back up because he was caught between her and a coffee table. Needless to say (after all that not so subtle hinting) my baby was bit.

He screamed, I freaked when I pulled him out of hiding because blood was just pouring out of his nose. So I called my mom crying and she came over and drove us to the vet.

By the time she got here, the blood in the nose had stopped gushing but another wound under his eye became apparent and it was really bleeding.

The vet tech came to get Atty to shave the spot and the vet looked at him back there. She told me he needed one stitch.

He's my one stitch wonder.

He, he.

She was also concerned that the blood in his nostril came from an injured lacrimal duct. That would be where your tears come from. She indicated that this would become a lifelong issue, but not really a problem. Basically, if it was injured he would have a drippy eye for the rest of his life.

I can live with that.

She informed me that 8 week old puppies aren't that good at remaining still while shaving, cleaning and suturing is going on, so she wanted to anesthetize him briefly.

So I left my baby.

When I went back to get him, it became clear to me that there was a terrible mishap that resulted in them needing to rebuild Atticus into Frankendog.

I tried to take pictures, but

apparently the evil forces at work prevent cameras from focusing clearly. I can't be sure, but I don't remember seeing his reflection when we walked by the mirror either.

I did a little chant and burned some sage over the camera and managed to get a couple of halfway decent pictures. You will see my pudgy hands in there because the little monster would not stay still.

This is the primary owie. There is the one on top that is a small puncture wound and then there is the larger one beneath it. It is the one that is stitched. Basically it's in the red, goopy area.

Then I wanted to share this picture so you could understand the pain the dog has endured. He has to two visible bite wounds, then he has an unseen owie in his nose, plus the leg owie sustained when they gave him IV medication.

And through it all, the tail still wags.

They took the nose wound as a sign that the bleeding might not be due to a duct injury. Which is good.

Atticus came home and nuzzled up to Cami like nothing had happened. Every so often I do see him looking at her like she might blow at any minute, though. Those of you with parents and/or children would probably recognize the look as you have given and/or received it more than once.

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