Shaddup Already!


Later and book exchange

I'm feeling better now. It might have actually been a lack of sleep that was contributing to my general ickiness. It wasn't all of it, but I'm sure it helped things go from crummy to icky.

I slept for a long time today. It was nice.

Now, Cami has just spent the last half hour or so reminding herself of why she missed the puppy. And I have just declared it to be quiet time. Cami is in her crate and Atticus is in his pen.

He has a new nickname, by the way, Bratticus. Unfortunately, my parents who really don't like the name Atticus are calling him Bratticus more than his real name. Mom and I had a little talk.


I'm looking for someone or someones who is or are interested in exchanging books. Since I teach and spend so much of my time reading young adult books, I don't tend to reread grown up books. So I have some books just sitting around collecting dust. And I have some books that are waiting to be read and then will be sitting around collecting dust.

If you would be interested in receiving a book from time to time (completely free of charge), email me your snail mail address at Indicate if you have specific preferences or if you're like me and you will read anything short of a repair manual.

I am also interested in receiving used books from people and I will pass them on once they've been read by moi.

Hey, I noticed a bunch of people (okay, more like 3 people) have added me to their favorites page. Thank you! I intend to reciprocate, but I haven't had the chance.

And Obsidian Frog thanks for the notes which prompted me to look at the list of people who have me listed in their favorites :o) It's appreciated!

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