Shaddup Already!


MRI results

So they tell me I have a slight disc protrusion. Apparently it is another way to say herniated disc. Whatever it is, it is still hurting and they just told me to call if the symtoms continue.

I took today off work and have been spending it on the couch. I will continue this action for the remainder of the weekend and hope that this will be enough rest to get me through a full work week.

I've been feeling ever so slightly better at the end of each day (keeping in mind that the pain is still there quite significantly) so I'm hoping by resting more, I will feel much better by Monday.

Once I feel better, I'm going to start some short walks and some core strengthening exercises. I'm hoping that will help. If not, I may have to cut myself off at just above the belly button. Which means life would be no fun at all.

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