Shaddup Already!


Another day off work

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow, but I have to. Our 8th graders are having FCAT testing and that means the rest of the campus is doing a practice test. I'll have my homeroom students until lunch time. I can't subject a sub to that.

Today I'm taking the Vicodin every four hours because it seems to have a residual effect. I'm hoping some of it will hold over into tomorrow.

I really should do some laundry.

I hope the work I left with the sub was an adequate amount for two days. When I took the last day off I left work that I could have stretched into a week's worth of work. I wrote this into my sub note and explained ways to go over it. These are ways that would make the work take longer, thus leaving the sub with enough work for a full day.

When I got back, the sub had completed everything with the kids. I know it could have been stretched out, so I guess I can't take the blame for a sub not reading the directions I left.

I don't want to see what I'm left with tomorrow. Hopefully everyone behaved. Hopefully they had enough work. I'm going back to the couch now to have more stress related dreams about returning to work tomorrow.

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