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What a Crock!

Written on 3/13/01

Every once in awhile, we walk by something that has been in our possession for years and it strikes a memory. Usually these memories can bring a smile to the person’s face. This happened to me today.

I was casually walking by the dog bowls to let the pooches outside for a little romp. I glanced down and was struck by the large ceramic crock that holds the dogs’ water. When I remembered where it came from, I couldn’t help but smile.

I got Destiny when she was eight weeks old. She was my first puppy as all my other dogs had come to me second hand. Her puppy hood was an education for us both. I was almost 19 when I got Destiny and my family was just coming through an incredibly trying time. There were family issues coming from every direction. My sister was going through an extremely difficult incident and two of our beloved pets had died. Destiny came into a house of turmoil and managed to turn it even more upside down. However, with Destiny’s version of upside down, we were at least smiling.

Shortly after we got Destiny, my mother left town to help my sister move into a new apartment. It was near New Year’s and her old apartment had been broken into. I was left home alone with my new puppy. What a weekend!

Destiny decided that she was a carnivore, a hunter with the prowess of a lion. Her food and water bowls simply didn’t provide the challenge a budding hunter needed. So, she made it more interesting. I came into the kitchen one night after giving Destiny her dinner and couldn’t stop laughing at what I was seeing. Des had grabbed her food bowl between her teeth and was spinning across the kitchen floor with it. There was puppy chow flying every direction like confetti and it was obvious that this was the highlight of my dog’s day.

Well, the food was funny for a little while, but when she attacked the water dish enough was enough. I didn’t know what to do. The kitchen was covered in water and food and nothing I tried stopped the puppy from her game. I couldn’t figure out a way to stop the water from flying, but I ended up simply putting her food on the floor. The look on my puppy’s dejected face made me almost want to give her the bowl back. Almost.

My mother returned after what seemed like an eternity. She stifled her laughter at my description of our little imp’s antics and we spent the next few days trying to find a solution. That solution came when my mom stumbled upon these huge ceramic crocks that were about the size of Destiny herself. Not only did the crocks solve the problem, but they also served as a reminder of a happy moment in a very tumultuous time. Destiny no longer spins her food around, but she still finds ways to make me smile.

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