Shaddup Already!



Okay, I just took my first Vicodin ever. I'm trying desperately to stay awake until I'm sure I'm not going to have any allergic reactions that might be life threatening. Once you've been in anaphylactic shock, you never forget it. I've been there repeatedly, unfortunately. Look at that, two adverbs in a row. Whoo-hoo!

Anyway, I'm feeling sufficiently loopy right now. I'm sure part of that is me expecting to feel that way and part of it is the medication.

I did, however, just realize that I'm sitting at my computer and my back doesn't hurt. My leg is not tingling and on fire and there is only an almost imperceptible ache in my hip/buttocks area. Yay Vicodin!

I went to my nephew's birthday party earlier today. For about 15 minutes the conversation revolved around backs and back injuries.

My mom is finally concerned about me, since she's had this problem before. She can only be sympathetic if you are sick enough that you have no voice, are sneezing your head off or have a raging fever. As far as physical pain, she tends to poo-poo it, unless a doctor has confirmed that there is pain.

Like she didn't believe my feet were hurting as badly as they were until two doctors recommended radical surgery. Then she turned into doting mom of the world.

Today at the party she was a little upset with me because I hadn't taken any pain pills yet. Excuse me, I had to drive there.

My sister told me about the MRI machine in the hospital she had to take my nephew to recently. She said the whole room is decorated in a space theme and they've made this open MRI look like a docking station. I want to go there for my MRI :o)

I'm going to sleep now. Nighty-night.

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