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Following My Destiny

Much to my pleasure, I found a bunch of essays I had written for another site. This site paid people for each time their work was read. Of course, I never got a check because they went broke before I had accrued the necessary $20. I wish I could remember the name of the site. Maybe sixweasels will remember it. I think I found out about the site from her.

Anyway, I'm going to set up a "vintage page" that will contain these essays as I find them.

Here's the first one I wanted to put in.

Following My Destiny
written on 2/26/01*

The month before Destiny came running into my life was one of the worst times I’ve ever experienced. My cat of 8 years died after a yearlong battle with cardiac arrhythmia. My dog died two weeks later of a suspected brain tumor. I thought my world was coming to an end.

I couldn’t believe the quiet that permeated the house. It amazed me that two relatively quiet beings could bring so much atmosphere to a home-it was as though someone turned all the noise off at once. We were left to think about the cat and dog shaped holes in our hearts.

After two weeks we answered an ad in the newspaper for white Siberian husky puppies. I made the first call and found out that there were five of them. It seems that two of them had blue eyes and two of them had brown eyes. My heart stopped the moment I heard about the third puppy-she had a blue eye and a brown eye. Ever since my eyes changed from baby blue, I had a green eye and a blue eye. I felt destiny’s hand at work.

My mom made the second call and got permission to speak to the puppies’ vet. The report was glowing and we were encouraged whole-heartedly to adopt one of these bundles. I quickly called the woman back and begged her to hold the puppy that was destined to be mine.

After consulting with our vet (armed with various “red light” signs to health and behavior problems) we hopped in the car for the hour long ride to get my baby. When we got there we were met by two beautiful adult white Sibes and saw two more outside in the back yard. Then, the puppies made their appearance. By that time there were only two left, but it seemed like a houseful.

We dutifully performed the tests our vet recommended and decided to bring this little fur ball into our family. I knew immediately what her name should be and, after a short discussion, the family agreed. Destiny had graced our home.

Destiny was my first puppy-not my first dog, but my first puppy. As anyone who is owned by a Siberian husky can attest, they are a handful and raising this girl was an education. Somehow we all managed to survive Destiny’s puppy hood and adolescence and she is now a very young nine years old. She has become a valued member of the family and tells us about it every chance she gets. I can’t imagine life without her, and I know when it’s her time to go, that same silence will fall over my house and my heart.

*I find it eerie and interesting that Destiny died on 2/25/04. Almost exactly three years later.

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