Shaddup Already!


We do not have an hows in this classroom!

First of all, I updated teacherlady today. Wow, two updates in less than a month. Whoda thunk it?


I've been wanting to share this story for a while. Since I've been discussing the prostitution arts, I thought I would go ahead and share it.

I have a young lady in my 3rd period class who is a bit loud. She is also quite street smart in an innocent, 6th grader way. She lives in foster care and has a lot of issues because of that. We'll refer to her as D.

D is turned around whispering to another student behind her. It is obvious they are talking about something they shouldn't be talking about in school.

Me: D, don't say something in my classroom that you aren't willing to say to me.
D: Oh, okay.
Me: What did you say?
D: I don't want to say it out loud.
Me: Write it down.
D: I don't know how to spell it.

she messes around a bit and finally writes something down. She holds up the paper for me to see and read the word "how" on her paper. I know immediately what she meant, but I wasn't about to use the word in my classroom

Me: D, we do NOT call other people hows.
D: Yes, ma'am. But we aren't talking about anyone in the class.
Me: I don't care where they are, we are not going to call another person a how. Do you understand me? Calling people hows is not nice.
D: Yes, ma'am.
Me: We shouldn't even use the word how because it isn't a nice word.

D gets a funny look that resembles the look a parent gets when their kids asks, "where do babies come from," for the very first time, takes a deep breath and starts to talk to her apparently grossly out of touch teacher

D: Um, Ms. Teacherlady, it's not how. . .
Me: I know exactly what the word is and we will not use it in my class.
D: (lets out an audible sigh of relief)


Speaking of school, I so don't want to go to work tomorrow. However, our schedules flip, which is good for me. Basically, homeroom stays the same and then 8th goes to 2nd, 7th goes to 3rd, 6th goes to 4th, etc.

This is mostly good for me because it means I will have 8th period plan. It also shifts my two worst classes to before lunch. However, I will have to end the day with D, who is very loud and sometimes quite obnoxious. I'm really looking forward to having my 8th period 2nd, though because they are a good class for 8th period. I have a feeling they will be an excellent class for 2nd period.

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