Shaddup Already!


Another example of my brilliance

Today is a teacher work day, but I took a comp day since I didn't take any at Christmas break. We don't have school on Monday because of MLK day. So I decided to get up at my normal time today and get everything done that I need to have done so I can just relax the rest of the weekend.

The first order of business was to take the dog to the vet's for a bath. I woke up at 6:00am, but had to wait until 7:30 to take her. So I did some stuff on the computer and petted the cat (that sounds like a euphamism *grin*). It was raining off and on during this hour and a half.

I took the dog to the vet and it looked rainy, but wasn't raining.

At that point I decided to do my grocery shopping. It was sprinkling by the time I got to the store, but, in my infinite wisdom, I decided not to take my umbrella in.

I bet you can guess what happened.

It started storming right before I was done with my shopping. So I ran through the rain and got my groceries in the car with little incident other than the white T-shirt I was wearing getting wet.

On the drive home it started pouring down. It was a virtual torrent. So I figure I will back my car into the driveway so my trunk (where I put the groceries) would be closer to the door and kind of under the eave of the garage. I do have to say that if I didn't have ice cream, I would have left everything in the car.

I got my umbrella out and unlocked the front door. Then, since there was a dry area near my front door, I decided I would set the groceries down there until I had them all out of the car.

I opened my trunk, which immediately got caught by the edge of the umbrella. The umbrella was nearly snatched from my hand by the car, but I battled on in a stoic manner. Then I leaned over to get the first bit of groceries out.

Upon doing that, all the water that was pouring off the eaves of the garage started pouring down my umbrella and then down my back. Oooh! Cold.

I took the first load of groceries and dropped them. I then repeated the procedure two more times. Each time I managed to get more water down my back on all over my shorts (yes, shorts, it's been frickin' hot in FL, but this rain is a cold front, thank goodness).

Since it's Friday, and I'm a man, I have no clean clothes. All the clothes that I had been storing in the dryer have now been worn.

So I threw on some pajama bottoms and am wearing a cold, wet T-shirt and cold, wet underwear. I'm doing laundry as we speak and once that is done, I might actually take a shower or something crazy like that.

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