Shaddup Already!


How awful

A high school freshman was killed right after getting off his school bus this afternoon. A woman driving an SUV (on a revoked license, I might add) had a seizure and hit him straight on and then collided with a wall. Meaning she pushed this 14 year old boy into a brick wall hard enough to knock the wall down.

Kids on the bus had to witness this.

I was watching the news and there was one student who was just beginning to realize what had happened. Less than a minute before his friend died, he was shaking hands and saying goodbye. It's tough for an adult to have a realization that life can end at any moment, but for a kid, how can they possibly deal with that? I know they will because the human spirit is incredibly resiliant, but I just don't know how they will get on with life.

Then part of me feels badly for the driver. She will now have to live the rest of her life knowing she killed a kid. I would feel much more badly for her if her license hadn't been revoked. Let's face it, if you get your license revoked, that's a pretty big hint that you should stop driving. However, I'm sure this woman didn't think she would kill someone when she was driving. It's another case of that human condition where we simply can't believe that bad things will happen to us.

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