Shaddup Already!



I have gotten in to this really bad habit of not writing stuff when I think of it. So now this entry might very well be a hodgepodge of Teacherlady thoughts.
So let's see, first of all I updated teacherlady. It's an entry of pictures mostly, but they're cute and some of them were never posted here.

I have been short on money as of late, so I decided to bake for Christmas gifts instead of buying stuff. Of course that entailed cleaning out my manpile of dishes from the sink. This alone took the better part of an hour. I had to unload the dishwasher, reload it, run it, unload it again, reload it again and run it again. I hate housework.

Then I made all sorts of goodies, taste testing each as I went along. The boxes were a big hit as people scarfed down my candy bark. That was, by far, the favorite. It consists of saltine crackers, brown sugar, butter and chocolate chips. It ends up with like a toffee base with chocolate on top. It's not my favorite, but everyone else liked it.

This is another topic I've been wanting to cover. I have the privilege of working with someone who reminds me very much of dangerspouse. He is a smartass to the nth degree. I love it. Seeing as a sarcastic and quick sense of humor is most important to me in the opposite sex, I would do him. However, he is married. I have a policy against doing married men.

Frankly I would do dangerspouse too, but he is married.

And a terrorist.

That's a non-negotiable. Now if he were just married or just a terrorist, maybe, but being both, sorry, can't do it (or him). I'm sure New Wifey is utterly relieved because I am such a formidable threat. I'm a legend in my own mind. So forth and so on.

Anyway, back to the teacherguy. He is so quick. Usually I'll say some smartass quip and people will smile, chuckle and say, "that's funny." However, this man always has some answer that takes it up a notch.

Once we were looking at pictures of his twin sons (another strike against him)and there was a shot of him and his boys showing off their Spiderman tattoos. The boys are four years old, I think. Anyway, I look at him and say, "So, did the boys cry much when they brought out the needles for the tattoos?"

Without missing a beat, this guy responds with, "No, they were pretty much drunk by that time."


New Year's

Can we just say that New Year's is my least favorite holiday. It seems pretty useless. I mean my new year starts on my birthday. It always has.

So I usually spend New Year's as if it were any other night. This year, however, I'm going to replant a tree :o)

I've always wanted a living Christmas tree to eventually plant in my front yard and decorate as a sort of offering to the birds and animals. It ties in more with my Pagan beliefs than any other rituals I usually partake in for Christmas. So this year I bought a little, tiny one foot Christmas tree.

I would plant it in my yard, but I'm planning a move to Georgia at the end of this school year. So I'm going to keep it in a planter until I get my permanent home.

So I decided to start a new tradition on New Year's.

This would be the part where you read and think, "Man this chick is warped."

Anyway, I decided every year I was going to plant the tree in a slightly larger planter. Instead of making resolutions, I'm going to make wishes for the future (basically small, attainable goals toward my larger, future dream). I'm going to write them down on a piece of paper, put them in a box and bury them under the tree. Of course my ultimate wish is to have some land on which to plant my tree permanently. So I will continue this tradition until I get my dream property.

Hopefully that will happen in a timely enough manner that I'm not trying to replant a 60 foot tree in a new planter the size of a Hummer.

On a sadder note

This is the first New Year's that I won't have my Destiny with me

I miss that dog more than I could ever imagine. She was such a part of me that I still can't believe she is gone. I always think of her more during big, loud holidays because she was so afraid of firecrackers.

My neighbors are the type to set off firecrackers just because it's Tuesday. So holidays are pretty loud around here.

For the last 3 or 4 years I sedated Destiny and then stayed up with her, making sure she was okay. I did this on New Year's, Fourth of July and Labor Day. yes, Labor Day.

This is really where the start of me not making plans for New Year's began, even though I've always hated the holiday. I just couldn't leave my girl alone, so we spent it together.

I think this New Year's I'm going to light Destiny's memorial candle and replant a tree.

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