Shaddup Already!


lucky me

I have these neighbors who I get the feeling would prefer I didn't live next to them (because of my lazy housekeeping and landscaping nature). Then they go and do something really nice like offer me use of their generator during a hurricane or bring me a plate of food after Thanksgiving.

I begged off the family Thanksgiving dinner because I wasn't feeling well and my parents were going elsewhere. My sister did invite me to her house, but I opted to stay home and sleep. I told my neighbors this when they asked about my Thanksgiving. Then they asked if I wanted a plate of food. I said I wasn't about to turn down free food, so they went in to get something together for me.

They came back with this huge plate piled with turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and corn pudding. On another plate they had six different desserts and then they even gave me some dinner rolls. Wow. I had a taste of it this evening and am saving the rest for lunch tomorrow.

I think I'll make them one of my beaded Christmas ornaments this year. Usually I just give them a plate of goodies that my mom puts together.

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