Shaddup Already!


I'm here

I'm here, I've just been having some busy, always around people times. I'm such an introvert that I need major recuperation time after spending my days around people. That's why I sleep all weekend, because I've spent all week with my students. Anyway, I have some pictures for you. The cats insisted I take these pictures to document the abuse I put them through.

First, in this picture, you can see how painfully close I've forced Scout to be to the dog. It really is a shame.

Then, of course, I do force feed Boo Radley dog food. Every single time I feed the dog, I ram a couple of pieces down his throat.

*In case you didn't get the sarcasm, it's a joke. My cats are really very spoiled and no one is forced to do anything except go to the vet, stay inside and get their toenails trimmed.*

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