Shaddup Already!



My portable has two doors. There is one door that I allow the students to use (the front door) and the back door stays shut most of the time.

It just so happens that the back door is a more convenient entry way from my team leader's portable. So I was coming in from a meeting and I was in kind of a hurry. So I went in the back door.

I was walking toward my desk and I felt some hair slide down my neck. I reached up to brush it away and something jumped down. Something creepy-crawly was on my neck! OMG! I looked for it to figure out what it was and I couldn't find it. So I went to run my errand, rubbing my neck raw all the while.

So as I'm walking to the front office, I started looking for a child I could trust. I wanted someone to check my hair and neck and make sure "IT" was gone. However, you can't just ask any child. Had I done that, I would have been in for a day of, "Teacherlady, look, there's something crawling on you!" I usually manage to remain outwardly calm when they pull the old "There's a spider behind you," gag. However, after this morning's excitement, I didn't think I could refrain from screaming like a, well, like a sixth grader.

Since it was still relatively early, I couldn't locate a trustworthy child. So I stopped in at the front office (for my errand) and I asked another adult to look for me. So as I'm standing in the front office, in front of all these big windows with parents coming in and out, these two ladies are picking at my hair and peeking down the neck of my shirt. Thank goodness they didn't find anything.

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