Shaddup Already!


voting and other such nonsense

I will be glad when tomorrow is over. I'm not getting my hopes up. In fact, in a departure from my usual Pollyanna self, I am convinced we will have that son of a Bush for another four years. If we all survive that long.

My school is doing an election with the students. Only this time, they are modeling it after the true format--the electoral college. Can I just say that I hate that institution? Anyway, my team has 35 electoral votes, only one team has more with 36.

I think they should abolish the electoral college. Hopefully this next generation of children will see the futility and inequity of it all. I mean, if I were in a small state, I wonder if I would vote at all. Why bother? If I lived on the West coast, I don't know that I would vote. The elction is decided well before their polls close. If we decided president on popular vote, then every vote truly would count. I also think more people would vote.

I really don't think I'll see the abolition of the electoral college in my lifetime. If the 2000 election didn't have any impact, then nothing will, I fear.

Oh yeah, look for FL to hit the news again. This whole state is so screwed up and run by the Commander in Thief's baby brother. We've been having problems since they opened early voting and started sending out absentee ballots.

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