Shaddup Already!


What's up with kids these days?

Tuesday, 6th period, tardy bell has rung. We see Teacherlady at her director's chair and podium while all the students are busy reading silently. Teacherlady is grading their participation when she sees a student hiding behind a book. Teacherlady looks as Studentboy is apparently pushing buttons on something. Teacherlady gets up and walks towards Studentboy. He looks up and Teacherlady can actually hear the cranks in his brain creaking as he tries to figure out what to do. At the last moment, Studentboy crams item into his pocket.

Teacherlady: What were you playing with?

Studentboy (does a really bad imitation of an innocent person and tries to avoid speaking at all costs. )

Teacherlady: I know you have something, give it to me, now.

Studentboy (still under the impression that if he doesn't move, I won't be able to see him.)

Teacherlady: Either you give me what you have, or you give it to an administrator in the discipline office.

Studentboy: Will I get it back?

Teacherlady: I don't even know what it is.

Studentboy: It's a personal organizer and calculator thing.

Teacherlady: Let me see it.

Studentboy puts item on the desk, Teacherlady takes it and contemplates what she should do. She finally decides that since he was disrupting her class with it, tried to hide it and did not immediately give it to her, it should be confiscated.

Teacherlady: You can get it back when I have a signed note from your mom stating she knows why you got it taken away.

Studentboy: GIVE ME MY STUFF BACK!!!!!

Teacherlady: I told you what you need to do to get it back.

Teacherlady begins to teach the day's lesson, while Studentboy goes into a well-excuted pout that only a middle school student can do to perfection. He also puts his head on the desk.

Teacherlady (TL) brings a book to Studentboy so he can do the work: I know you're angry with me, but if you don't work you're only hurting yourself. If you continue to refuse to follow my directions then this will become a disciplinary issue.

Studentboy (SB): Are you going to give me my stuff back?

TL: I told you what you need to do to get it back.

SB: Then I'm not going to discipline.

TL: Okay (walks over to phone)

Hi, SecretaryLady, I have a student who is refusing to leave the room. . .

SB (in background, trying to interrupt the phone call): I DIDN'T REFUSE TO LEAVE!!!!!

TL (continues on the phone): Could you please send security to have him removed? Thank you.

SB: Fine, I'll go.

TL: Sit down, you lost your shot, you're not going anywhere until security gets here.

SB: This is ridiculous, taking me away like I'm some criminal. Practically calling the cops on me.

TL continued doing her work and helping her other students while ignoring SB. When SecurityMan (SM) arrives, she briefs him quietly right outside the door. Meanwhile SB has stood up and has his backpack on. He is halfway to the door and standing like a deer caught in headlights.

SM: Come on, you're going to discipline.


SM: Either you come with me now or I get the school resource officer down here to escort you to the juvenile detention center.

SB is obviously beaten, but doesn't want to admit it. Reports from SM later confirm that SB was less than cooperative the entire way to the discipline office.

Update: SB was given 3 days ISS. He was made to apologize to SM and will most likely be made to apologize to me when I see him again. His mom came and retrieved his "stuff."

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and underaged.

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