Shaddup Already!


The Emporer's Club

I just finished watching that movie. It was really good and I almost missed it. From the title I expected it to be something entirely different. Instead it's a teacher's story. Gotta love that.

I cannot believe it is almost Friday. I'm in such a funk. I slept all day today. I don't know if that is because I was tired or if it's the depression. It is probably both. I just feel like such a slug. I promised the dog we would actually leave the house tomorrow.

I feel like I'm letting Miss Cami down. Here I was entrusted with her training so she could go on and become a first class service dog. What do I do? I sleep all day, every single day I have off from work. Part of me would like to just throw in the towel and admit defeat, but the bigger part of me just can't do that to Cami. I'm already her second puppy raiser. She may get to a point where she is unable to trust a person to stick around. That trust and connection is so critical in a partnership with a disabled person. I also feel like I've made a committment to New Horizons Service Dogs. I would like to puppyraise for them in the future, but I don't see that happening if I just give up this time. Not to mention that I take my committments seriously.

I wish it were March. There is a job fair in March that I intend to go to (just outside of Atlanta). I would just like to know where I'm going to live and where I'm going to work. I need to move, I know that. I just wish I could do it without all the adult planning crap.

On the bright side, it's actually cooling off here. Instead of making me happier where I'm at, it makes me want to move north even more. If I had my druthers, I'd move to MN or NH or ME. I would retire and live on a farm where I grow my own food and never have to leave the house if I don't want to. I would be financially comfortable and I would have at least 3 horses. I could spend my days working on my artwork and craftwork and my nights curled up watching the snow fall. That would be heavenly.

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