Shaddup Already!


side effects

I suppose they could be worse. My stomach isn't upset, exactly, but it's not quite as happy as it could be. My mouth is dry and I'm peeing like a drunken sailor. Of course, that isn't mentioned in the side effects packet, so maybe I am a drunken sailor. That would explain a lot.

I'm supposed to be weaning off of my Prozac, but I can't remember if I took it this evening or not. I think I've thought about taking it three times, but never got around to it. However, I don't want to take it in case I already took it. Then I wouldn't be weaning off, I'd be building up.

I went to Kobe tonight. It's a Japanese steak house where they cook Americanized Japanese food at your table. I took the dog with me. They weren't happy about that, but didn't say anything directly to me. I wish they had, it is a lot less uncomfortable to be confronted than to be talked about.

I have spent all frickin' day playing Sims 2. I love it. I have brought a girl up from flirtatious teenager to slutty woman. Her personal goals are to make out and have sex with as many sims as possible.

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