Shaddup Already!


What more do I need to deal with?

So you may have heard, Vioxx has been recalled. Can we just say that sucks the big one? I have had daily headaches for 17 years. At times they were absolutely debilitating. Vioxx is the only medication I've been on that stopped the headaches almost completely. I went from headaches that were there all the time, to a headache that lasted a couple of hours maybe once or twice a week. That was a real blessing. I cannot take the medications they are suggesting as a replacement (i.e. celebrex) because I have side effects that will put me in the hospital. I don't know what I'll do, but I suspect crying will be included in the game plan somewhere.

Speaking of crying, I went to my psychiatrist today. He told me he wanted me to change medication. I told him I agreed with him, but I was worried about my panic attacks getting out of control as I weaned off of Prozac. He actually listened to me. Sometimes I wish this man could be my general practitioner. He nodded and told me he would put me on Zoloft.

After doing research for a while, I know that Zoloft is what I want to take. It seems to be most successful with both depression and panic disorder. While my depression has been controlled fairly well with Prozac, I've always had an underlying anxiety. From time to time I would have spontaneous panic attacks still. Granted they are much fewer than before the Prozac, but they are still there.

I'm really hoping Zoloft works for me and I'll have a little more freedom. Because right now I do limit my activities because of panic attacks. So, here's hoping is works.

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