Shaddup Already!


feeling powerful

I have power again. yay! Just in time too because my sister had a pipe break in her house and her house is now flooded. They wouldn't have had room for me anymore, so I would have been back home with or without power.

I decided to take some time off from work. I had hoped to take Friday and Monday off, but it turns out an inservice I missed because of Jeanne has been rescheduled for this coming Monday :op So I'll only be taking Friday off.

One of my coworkers suddenly got self-righteous and judgemental about taking mental health days. I don't know what her problem is. She is the one who took a day off to go to Disney last year--among other things. We had an interesting conversation:

Teacherlady: You know, I just overcame my conscience enough to decide to take a couple of mental health days and now they've scheduled my FCAT training for Monday.
Self-righteousBibleThumpingTeacherLady: Well, see the Devil got a hold of you, but God made sure you did what was right.
Teacherlady: Have you forgotten? (You have assumed) I'm atheist. Maybe if you pray to Jesus hard enough about it, I'll have to come in on Friday too.

I hate it when people are hypocritical. This is the same person who says the problem with our kids is they aren't taught morals at home, they don't believe in Jesus and we need to make sure they have character education. Then she pushes a fit about having to do 30 minutes of character education once a week in homeroom. Grrrr.

I'm taking the fucking day off and she can go screw herself. I need some time to myself, with air conditioning.

BTW, I'm not atheist. Although many ignorant people aren't aware, there is a huge difference between being Pagan and atheist. At any rate, I have more respect for atheists (than southern Christians) because they tend to live their beliefs.

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