Shaddup Already!


Charlie's gone

I was planning on leaving my last entry up all day, but something happened that I felt I needed to share. I had Charlie squirrel euthanized around noon today.

The entire time I had him, I suspected he was having seizures. This caused me to worry, but not too much because he was eating and thriving. Also the "seizure" activity was generally there when he was sleeping and not awake.

Last night he was seizing and never really stopped. He wouldn't eat and wasn't able to sleep. His left front leg also started to swell up--which says the right leg probably wasn't due to any trauma, which is a relief to one's conscience.

I took him back to the vet today (he had been yesterday and they suspected some neurological problems). The vet asked me what I wanted to do and I said if he wasn't going to be able to be released or live a quality life, I would just help him go. So that's what we did. He went very peacefully and the seizures finally stopped shortly before the euthanasia fluid worked completely. I hope he's in squirrel heaven with his sister.

The general consensus is that he had some sort of head injury from his fall. We base that on the perceived seizures since I've gotten him and no other explanation. They didn't seem to think it was metabolic bone disease, which is the usual cause of seizures in squirrels.

Charlie Squirrel


He was a brave little fighter with a huge spirit.

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