Shaddup Already!


I hope it works

I did some research on squirrels and then rats on the Internet. I started with squirrels, but found most of the information had to do with killing squirrels and keeping them away from bird feeders. Not what I was looking for.

Then I remembered that rats (I have been owned by several pet rats) can take medicine like Gas-X for bloating. So I did some more research on that.

I took a leap and bought baby mylicon for Charlie. I'm hoping it helps clear up his bubble. I'm just beside myself and unsure of what to do. At any rate, I know gas medicine is pretty safe for anything, so I don't think it will do any harm.

I rubbed his bubble after his last feeding (that sounds more than mildly perverse) and he fell asleep while I was doing it. However, the bubble didn't get any smaller.

He is eating like there's no tomorrow and looks forward to being in my hands as a time to eat and suck. He now sucks on anything he can get near his mouth. That includes my fingers, the skin at the base of my thumb and his feet. That's the cutest, when he grabs his back foot and starts sucking.

I called Wal-mart a short time ago because I needed the name of the manager to write a letter to. I took Cami, my service dog in training, with me on Sunday night. This old lady at the door asked if she was a service dog, I said yes and stifled the urge to say, "Duh, that's what it says on her bright green vest you frickin' moron!" She rolled her eyes and sighed and made it clear that my dog was not wanted in the store.

They forwarded my call to a manager who was responsive, but I still intend to write my letter. If I weren't a sixth grade teacher who was used to eyes being rolled and major bitchy attitudes, I might have felt really unwelcomed there.

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