Shaddup Already!


Life goes on

Life is slowly getting back to normal. My best friend finally has power, but my parents don't. Maybe tomorrow I'll go take a picture of the reason why they don't have power.

Charlie is still hanging on, although he has a disturbing little bubble on his left side. It doesn't seem to bother him at all, but it bothers me. I just hope he's going to make it and be healthy.

You can also see that he is getting his adult colored hair on his head. I'm really getting attached to the little sucker, so I will definitely be crying if he doesn't make it. I will not, however, keep him as a pet. I just don't think that is fair. I will either release him at my house or my parents' house so I can be sure that he will have food available. From what I've heard, orphaned squirrels like to come back and visit their foster moms and dads. I would like Charlie to be able to see me if he wants to.

Once his eyes open I won't let anyone handle him except me. As soon as he is fully weaned, I won't handle him either. I'm hoping that way he maintains a healthy fear of people. From what I've read, they have an innate fear of people and do really well being reintroduced, as long as it's done properly.

I have been off from work since last Friday. I don't have to go back until this Friday. The kids won't be back until Monday. My county was one of the last ones to extend the time off. I was wondering what they were doing because half of the county (or more) still doesn't have power. I haven't been to my school to see what damage there is, so I don't know what the school will look like when I get there. We really need a day without the kids to regroup as well. That day wasn't planned for until today.

I spent 30 minutes waiting to fill up my car with gas yesterday.

This whole experience has been somewhat surreal.

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