Shaddup Already!



I tried to add an entry yesterday and I wrote this whole epic about a ginormous spider on a rampage and then my computer lost it. It was in a mood where it needed to be given two chances to access each web page. Well, when you have typed an entry and you have to refresh, you run the risk of losing your entry--apparently.

The past two days have gone pretty well. One of my administrators is cracking me up about the dog. She is obviously not a dog person. Each time I've brought Cami in with me, she has given me this strange look. Then she'll come over and talk to Cami like someone who doesn't like dogs, but wants to make you think they like dogs, does. Yesterday she started dropping not so subtle hints that Cami shouldn't be there when the kids are. Duh, I wouldn't do that to Cami or myself :o) I have made it very clear to my principal that today was my last day bringing her. I also haven't brought her without permission.

Anyway, yesterday admin-lady came up to me and sweet talked Cami in that "I-don't-like-dogs-but-I-want-you-to-think-I-do" way. Then she looks at me and says, "What are you going to do with her when school starts. Now I wanted to say, "I'm going to keep her under my desk and train her to bite children when they get out of their seats." What I said was, "she'll stay at home."

Then today admin-lady came up and did her sweet talk routine again. This time she didn't address me with the *ahem* hint, she addressed the dog. She said, "So today's your last day, you're going to have to stay home now." I think I'll take Cami to school tomorrow *grin*

I was going to retell the spider story, but I'm too tired right now and I have to meet parents and students tomorrow. I'll leave you with this thought, though, it was a HUGE spider. I don't know how big spiders get in your neighborhood, but in mine, they drive trucks. Once I was in the shower and I realized a spider was in there with me when he handed me my shampoo. Then there was another time where I tried to kill a spider with a broom and it flung the broom back and smacked me in the forehead. Then it laughed.

Okay, seriously, no exaggeration here, once I was housesitting and there was a spider the size of my hand. I am very, very serious here. It was so big, it's eight icky legs clicked when it walked across the floor *shudder*

I'll tell you my most recent spider story later.

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