Shaddup Already!


antifreeze mishap

Since Monday marks the first day of pre-plan, I figured I would empty out the trunk of my *new* car so I could load it up with school stuff. So I go out there and start pulling boxes out. I hadn't emptied it since I bought it and transferred my shit from one car to the other.

I pull out the first box and notice a greenish liquid on the floor of my new trunk. I started pulling stuff out left and right and found the spilled bottle of antifreeze. There was a box of dictionaries that the school had ordered for my classroom. I picked them up the last day I was there and never went back to my portable, so I've been keeping them in my car. I saw the box they were in was saturated with antifreeze. I freaked as visions of all my hard earned money going to replace dictionaries that were never even used. I reached in the box and sighed with immense relief to realize that they were wrapped in plastic. I really dodged that bullet.

Anyway, I got everything out of the trunk and put down my Nature's Miracle liquid absorber and went to work sorting through stuff that was ruined by the antifreeze. When I went back to sweep up the spill, I couldn't get all the little granules out. So now my trunk is clean, except for a bunch of Nature's Miracle granules.

I must say, if the antifreeze hadn't spilled, I'm not sure I would have gotten everything out of my trunk. I'm sure I would have found some excuse not to finish the job. I get that trait from my dad.

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