Shaddup Already!


Car shoplifters

I had the most bizarre dream last night. I dreamt that I was walking out to my car and I saw people in it. There were four people, one sitting at each door with the door open. The one at the driver's door reached down and popped open the trunk. Which is kind of amusing because you can't do that in my car. So I walked up really calmly and leaned on the trunk and just waited for them to notice me. All criminals are really nice people, so it's okay to confront them, apparently. They turn around and see me and look like they just got caught raiding the cookie jar. I look at the leader and I say to her, "I won't call the police as long as you just leave right now and never do this again." They agreed immediately because they were that scared of me, LOL. Then later, I was in a restaurant and I saw the woman who was leading this group. She looked at me and she goes, "How about if we also read some books on addictions so we don't do this again." I responded with, "Our agreement was that you don't do this again, so I won't make you read any books. However, if you want to read books, I think that's a great idea and you should do. I would support you in that."

My question is this: why does the criminal justice system have such a high repeat offender rate when all you need to do is make them promise not to commit any more crimes? Hey, it worked in my dream!

I forgot to mention why I titled my entry what I did. In the dream, whenever I referred to the crime, I said they were trying to shoplift my car.

God, I'm weird.

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