Shaddup Already!


The continuing saga of the lightbulb

I have an update to the lightbulb issue. In case you missed the first episode, you can find it here. I finally got the lightbulb changed as I hinted at with this post. But, it wasn't all that simple, so let me tell you the story.

I decided later that evening that I simply must change the lightbulb. So I went to my garage and pulled out my ladder. As I was walking out to the garage, I had a brief thought that I should unlock the side slider, so I could just go directly into the kitchen from the yard and not have to walk around to the front door. I did not do this because it seemed like a waste of time.

So I trucked my ladder to the side of my house and had to walk back around to the front door. I got my screwdriver and yellow "no-bug" lightbulb and went out the slider to the side of the house.

Now, I did mention here that I don't like heights because my surgery really messed with my balance. I climed a few rungs up on a rickety old ladder and began to unscrew the cover of the light fixture. However, I wasn't up high enough, so I had to go up one more step.

I reached up and immediately dropped part of my screwdriver. It was an unnecessary part at that moment (just another screw head), so I decided to just leave it on the ground. I was fighting to get the screw out because it had apparently been painted in. I finally got it out and unscrewed the other side the rest of the way.

I leaned over to take out the old bulb when I noticed a note on the lightbulb screw in area thingie. It said, "Do not use more than a 60 watt bulb. If you do, your house will burn to the ground, killing you and your animals because you have never bothered to fix your smoke detector, you idiot." Well, this scared me, so I pulled the yellow "no-bug" bulb out of my pocket and noticed it said, "100 watts."

I climbed down the ladder and went back in the house and found a plain, white 60 watt bulb. Now I was a little upset because I would no longer have the bug protection.

I climbed back up the ladder and changed the bulb and put the top back on teh fixture. I carried the ladder back to the garage and tried to go in my front door. I had locked it. Lovely. Now I had to walk all the way back to the side of the house and enter through the sliding glass door.

The important thing to remember is that I now have light. I also have bugs. Bugs and light. It's a virtual Eden.

Oh yeah, the sloth has a name

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