Shaddup Already!


The sloth has a name

The sloth finally has a name. I appreciate all the suggestions I received, and they all led me to find the name I settled on. So, if you want a picture of a sloth, colored by a 6th grader, sent to you, just send me your snail mail address to I won't be offended if none of you take me up on this :o)

Anyway, after doing some web research and looking for names similar to what was suggested, I found out that the three-toed sloth belongs to family Bradypodidae. I like saying it. "Bray-dee-po-did-day" It rolls off the tongue.

Then I found out the sloth's genus is Bradypus. It's getting even better. So I just looked up the species name and it is torquatus.

So, my sloth's name is *drum roll please*

Brady Torque

Or maybe just Brady.

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