Shaddup Already!


Name the sloth competition

Okay, I briefly mentioned before that I have a sloth who is going to receive all the no-name grades my students turn in. I'm looking for a name for the sloth. It would be nice if it either had the initials "N.N." (for no name) or was very short to write. Because when students turn in a no name paper, I'm going to put the sloth's name or initials on it.

So, here your mission, should you choose to accept it (please do because I'm completely out of ideas) name my sloth. Oooh! That sounds a little dirty *wink*

This isn't the picture I'm using, but it's very similar to the one I'm using.

I am willing to award the person who submits the winning name. However, I'm a public school teacher, so funds are limited. However, if you trust giving your snail mail address to a random TeacherLady online, I will have my students write you thank-you notes and color your very own sloth picture. How can you beat that?

Please, please, please give me some suggestions. Pretty please. With sugar on top.

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